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Posted on:October 8, 2015



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Welcome! I’m so excited that you’ve either decided to check me out for the first time or are a returning viewer. As some (or many) of you know, my original shop The Creative Rabbit, was disabled on Instagram earlier this year. I totally sucked having to try and recover anything. I wasn’t able to get anything back and therefore, had to start over.

But now I’m back. Back in business.

The premise and idea of The Creative Rabbit will remain the same. Plus all of the same prints (plus more) are still in my Etsy shop and our center will remain around God. I will continue to add other goodies for weddings, special events and seasons.

I get my content not only from what clients request, but from the things that I love. I use my favorite bible scriptures, movie quotes and song lyrics as content for my products. It’s never to take credit away from the original artist, but to allow other people to enjoy their favorite sayings, quotes and mantras all the time.

I can’t wait for you guys to see all of the amazing things I have been working on! Never hesitate to reach out for custom orders!

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